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Arthur E. Morgan: Renaissance Engineer

William R. Ratliff: Engineer and Politician

John Glenn: Life Phases and Goals

Mae Jemison: Studying Engineering Launched Her Careers

Herbert Hoover: Engineer, President, and Humanitarian

Margaret Hutchinson Rousseau, PhD: Finding a Better Way and Saving Lives

David B. Steinman: PE, NSPE Founder, Master Bridge Builder, and Writer

Nix Your Negativity Bias

Remember When You Almost…


Timely Advice for Engineering?

Integrate Ethics into Interviews with Prospective Employees

Trim Our Hedges?

Power of Questions: Why the Reluctance to Ask Them?

Brain Stewardship: Caring for Our Brain

Brain Stewardship: Our Brief Earthly Opportunity

Design Fixation: Fix It and Innovate More

From Bird Beak to Fast Train: Biomimicry

Build Heads of STEAM

Engineers as Composers

Our Conscious and Subconscious Minds: A Powerful Duo

Why Do We Resist Change?

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Force or Finesse

Prop Up Your Presentations

The Paradox of Effecting Change

Mind Your Mind

Power of Goals

Neuroscience 101: Might Your Teaching and Their Learning Benefit?

Proposed Revisions to ABET General Criteria 3 and 5: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Working Smarter: More Effective, Efficient, and Innovative

20 Methods to Stimulate Creative/Innovative Thinking

Takes a Family

A Way to Look at the Organization in Which You Want to Effect Change

Using the Power of Habits to Work Smarter

Why the Push-Back on Creativity and Innovation?

Create, Use, and Continuously Improve Written Guidance

Resistance to Change

20 Questions for Change Leaders

Ethics Advice from a Utility Manager

Write to Find Out What We Are Thinking and to Learn

Marketing: Back to Basics

Body Language

Show-and-Tell Interviewing

Tune-Up Your Five Communication Channels

A Whole-Brain Approach to Increased Individual and Organizational Effectiveness for Engineers

Broken Window Theory

University Adoptions of Engineering Your Future

The Chimney Sweep and the Sewer Cleaner

Working and Living Smarter Presentations/Workshops and Publications

Taking Multi-tasking To Task

Licensure: A Step Toward Career Security

The BOK and Leadership Lessons Learned

A Half Brain is Good: A Whole Brain Much Better

I Don't Care How Much You Know Until I Know How Much You Care

Do You Make Mistakes? Great!

Archived Webinars

The Language of Marketing: A Glossary

Creativity: Killing or Cultivating?

Avoiding But-Phobia: Get in on the Other Side of But

Five Suggestions for Engineering Students and Young Practitioners

Price Based Selection: Three Costs to the Consultant

Is Your Organization Healthy?

Thoughts for the Not Yet Employed or the Recently Unemployed Engineer

7 Steps to Getting a Solid ROI from Your Internal Education and Training Events

The Leader Within You: Let It Come Out!

Boats Offer Lessons For Us and Our Organizations

Art for Engineers: Encouraging More Right Mode Thinking

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Engineering’s Public-Protection Predicament
Engineering’s Public-Protection Predicament

Introduction to Creativity and Innovation for Engineers
Introduction to Creativity and Innovation for Engineers

Managing and Leading: 52 Lessons Learned for Engineers
Managing and Leading: 52 Lessons Learned for Engineers

Engineering Your Future
Engineering Your Future

Introduction to Creativity and Innovation for Engineers – Global Edition
Introduction to Creativity and
Innovation for Engineers -
Global Edition

Managing and Leading: 
44 Lessons Learned for Pharmacists
Managing and Leading:
44 Lessons Learned for

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