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The relevance and effectiveness of my services, as summarized below, is based, in part, on earlier work as an employed professional in the private, government, and academic sectors. During those portions of my career, I functioned as a project manager, department head, discipline manager, marketer, professor, and dean of an engineering college. Over a decade of practice as an independent consultant and entrepreneur followed. Work in various volunteer professional and community organizations allowed me to add value to them while learning from some very capable and committed individuals. This rich experience enables me to understand client and stakeholder wants and needs and apply best practices to address them.

Clients Served As An
Independent Consultant & Entrepreneur

Listed here are my clients and the services I provided. My clients have kindly given me permission to include them in this list and have agreed to respond to individuals who contact them through me. If you want to contact any of my clients to learn more about the listed projects or for a personal reference, please let me know via email at:

Professional Society and Education Institution Clients


Main Office

Examples of Services Provided

American Council of Engineering Companies

Washington, DC

Presented the webinar Developing an Innovative Culture in Your Firm: Benefits and How To

American Society of Civil Engineers

Reston, VA

Presented, beginning in 2002, over 340 managing and leading webinars organized in five categories.

1) Communication: listening, writing, speaking, and meeting planning;
2) Personal development: goal setting, ten tips for success and significance, time management, delegation, leadership, effective conference attendance, mentoring creativity/innovation, and dealing with difficult behavior;
3) Professional practice: team essentials, liability, marketing, and flying solo; and
4) Project management: transitioning to project management, project planning, project communication, scope creep, Earned Value Method (EVM), quality, and the Critical Path Method (CPM); and
5) Other: ethics, strategic planning, and working smarter.

Helped to plan and lead a Mentoring Workshop as part of a pilot program in partnership with the San Diego Section of ASCE.

Recorded, for sale on cassettes, the program On Your Own which describes how, as an entrepreneur, to start an independent consultant business.

Created and recorded the audio-visual program Management and Leadership Skills for the New Engineer

Boston Society of Civil Engineers

Boston, MA

Led the seminar From Project Engineer to Project Manager: Look Before You Leap

California Polytechnic State University; American Society of Civil Engineers Geo-Institute and Japanese Geotechnical Society

San Luis Obispo, CA

Retained to provide the keynote Innovation presentation at August 2016 Geoenvironmental Workshop.

Castilla La Mancha, University of

Ciudad Real, Spain

Taught the one week Project Management – Communication portion of the post-graduate Leadership in Civil Engineering Course (2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011). The class consisted of the two top students from each of the ten Spanish universities having civil engineering programs.

New Haven, University of

West Haven, CT

Developed Thinking Creatively to Drive Innovation an asynchronous online module used by universities in the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) 

Prepared the module Resolving Ethical Issues for use by KEEN engineering colleges.

Wisconsin, University of, Department of Engineering Professional Development

Madison, WI

Presented webinars on project planning, scope creep, and managing and leading lessons.

Conducted the two-day workshop Innovation for Civil and Environmental Professionals: A Whole-Brain Approach.

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Business Clients


Main Office

Examples of Services Provided

Blue Sky Financial Partners

Valparaiso, IN

Presented and discussed You, Your Brain, and the Rest of Your Life.

Bonar Group

Fort Wayne, IN

Guided creation of a multi-year mentoring program.

Facilitated preparation of a project management handbook.

Helped plan and conduct a stormwater management workshop for elected and appointed officials.

Tutored an engineer, while doing a project with him, on computer modeling, development and evaluation of alternatives, client and public meetings/presentations, and report preparation.

BSA Life Structures

Indianapolis, IN

Facilitated lessons learned sessions for project managers.


Cambridge, MA

Co-authored the Ethics in the Consulting Business course.

Helped author the Surface Water and Storm Water Rules Guidance Manual for the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Served as an outside consultant in the creation of CDM University, the company’s comprehensive education and training program.

Spoke about The Thrive Five at the annual corporate awards dinner.

Christopher B. Burke

Indianapolis, IN

Edited Indiana Fluvial Erosion Hazard (FEH) Mitigation Manual

Clark Dietz, Inc.

Chicago, IL

Assisted with preparation of corporate project management philosophy and policies and a project management guide.

Presented webinars on asking and listening, writing, speaking, time management, marketing and scope creep.

Helped create a construction engineering webinar and coached the presenter.

Assisted with the planning and presentation of project management workshops. Presented or co-presented these topics: communication, collaboration, marketing, client service, project planning, minimizing liability, quality assurance, and quality control.

Facilitated three client round tables that addressed long-term wants and needs.


Columbus, OH

Participated in the company's seminars by presenting sessions about ethics in the consulting business, project communication, and scope creep.

Donohue and Associates, Inc.

Sheboygan, WI

Assisted with QA/QC on an innovative solution to an urban flooding problem.

Facilitated client-consultant meetings leading to the design of a combination pumping station - community recreation/education building in a city’s riverfront park.

Prepared a white paper about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

Earth Tech/Rust Environment & Infrastructure

Long Beach, CA

Led development of the company-wide Technical Practice Network.

Presented seminars on the role and selection of consultants, writing, delegation, scope creep, liability, and ethics.

Presented the topic Change: What Does and What Doesn’t at a retreat of water resources specialists.

Coached a newly-appointed department head on managing and leading best practices.

Assisted with varied water resources engineering marketing efforts.

Engineering Management Institute

Basking Ridge, NJ

Presented the webinar How to Innovate More by Avoiding the Design Fixation Trap

Hinshaw and Culbertson

Milwaukee, WI

Provided expert analysis and opinion for two contentious situations that developed between an engineering firm and its clients.


Walkerton, IN

Presented a management seminar which included: leading vs. managing, goal setting, time management, delegation, motivating personnel, and team essentials.

Leggett, Brashears & Graham

Shelton, CT

Led the workshop The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Marketers at the annual meeting of Principals and Associates.

Spoke at the Annual Senior Manager's Meeting about: The Leader Within: The Seven Qualities of Leaders, Strategic Planning: The Good and Bad (Look Before You Leap),  and 12 Marketing Tips: Is Marketing Everyone's Business?

Midwest GeoSciences Group

Carmel, IN

Presented webinars about marketing, project planning, project communication, scope creep, time management, and writing.

Partnered in offering webinars that advocate reducing the adverse effects of engineering licensure-exemption laws.

MSA Professional Services

Baraboo, WI

Assisted with the preparation of the company’s Project Management Manual.

National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA)

Carmel, IN

Co-presented the webinar Innovation: It’s in the Brain.

Authored Design Fixation: How to Avoid It and Innovate More published in Precast Inc. Magazine.


Miami, FL

Provided advice on creation of a corporate university which was subsequently established as PBS&J University.

Presented an ethics seminar for the future leaders group.

Suggested strategies and tactics for recruiting personnel.

Spoke at the first annual meeting of the Environmental Services Practice on the Topic Marketing – What Clients Are Looking For.

Conducted seminars on time management, delegation, effective conference attendance, meeting planning, and preparing and presenting/publishing a professional paper.

Pennoni Associates, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA

Assisted with planning and presentation of management workshops. Presented these topics: transition from project engineer to project manager, quality, errors and omissions, project communications, scope creep, Earned Value Method, lessons learned, and benchmarking.

Helped with the design of Pennoni Associates Institute, the company’s comprehensive education and training program.

Wright Water Engineers

Denver, CO

Prepared a white paper titled The Engineer’s Competency Responsibility which discussed errors and omissions.

Provided research results describing a PE’s duty.

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Government Clients


Main Office

Examples of Services Provided

City of Evansville Water and Wastewater Board Evansville, IN

Advised the utility and city on how to proceed, in terms of organization and process, with implementation of a consent decree that requires mitigation of combined sewer overflows over the next 20-plus years.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Indianapolis, IN

Facilitated the work of government personnel and private sector volunteers leading to the publication of General Guidelines for the Hydrologic-Hydraulic Assessment of Floodplains in Indiana.

Transportation Learning Network Fargo, ND Presented the webinars Quality: What Is It and How Do We Achieve It?; Innovation in Engineering: How to Do It; Improving Project Communication: Within and Outside of the Project Team; and From Project Engineer to Project Manager: Look Before You Leap.

Indiana Department of Transportation and Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN and Indianapolis, IN

Led an ad hoc team of Department of Transportation and university professionals in the development of comprehensive project planning and project management materials subsequently used in an intensive workshop series titled Formalizing the INDOT Project Management Process.

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Washington, DC

Researched and wrote Street Storage System for Control of Combined Sewer Surcharge.  

City of Valparaiso

Valparaiso, IN

Studied the economic and technical feasibility of creating a stormwater management utility.

Assisted with reengineering of the water department.

Facilitated the work of an advisory panel charged with exploring the “pros” and “cons” of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe versus ductile iron (DI) pipe.

Assisted with the creation of a strategic plan for the city utilities.

Coached a department head to enable him to create a team culture within a historically divisive group and to lead his group in contributing to the utility strategic plan.

Facilitated the work of the Fluoride Commission charged with making recommendations concerning whether or not the Valparaiso City Utilities should continue adding fluoride to the city's water supply.

Led the half-day workshop Working Smarter: More Effective, Efficient, and Innovative that concluded with four teams starting to resolve high priority challenges. 

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