All the technology in the world
will not help us
if we are not able, at the core,
to communicate with each other and
build strong, lasting relationships.
(Dorothy Leeds, communication consultant)

Technical professionals with communication ability enhance the management, team essentials, and performance of your organization. This one-day, hands-on, on-site workshop will help individuals in your organization sharpen their writing and speaking knowledge and skills and more effectively apply them on projects, in meetings,  in other client/ owner/stakeholder interactions, and in community and professional society activities. Would you like your personnel to be better prepared to take on speaking opportunities and, as a result, present your organization to potential clients and customers? How about improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the response to the next request for qualifications or request for proposal. Professional service firms, manufacturers, government entities, and academic institutions will benefit from this workshop.

Hands On: Each participant is strongly urged to bring at least one example of both their recent writing and speaking work products or in-process writing and speaking work. These might include reports, memoranda, letters, meeting minutes, professional papers, letters to the editor, PowerPoints, and speaking notes. Other in-process projects might be a response to a request for proposal or to a request for qualifications.

Participants will not be asked to share their materials with anyone unless, of course, they want to. However, participants will be urged, especially during frequent workshop breakouts, to critique and improve their work products or in-process work efforts in light of ideas and information being offered in the workshop.

Useful Take-Aways:  Each participant will leave the workshop with “marked up,” improved versions of recent work products or in-process work and the ability to apply those kinds of improvements to future communication efforts. Bring their own work and build on it to enhance their, and your organization’s, writing and speaking effectiveness. Simultaneously learn about writing and speaking while progressing on the communication aspects of current projects. Learn how to reduce writer’s block and speaking fear. Each participant will also receive a handout summarizing the principal content of the workshop.

Agenda for the 8 hour workshop:

  • Introduction (0.5 hr)
  • Writing presentation with frequent “stops” during which participants will be asked to review/improve their writing product or in-process writing work. Ideas will be offered for overcoming writer’s block. (2.75 hr)
  • Breaks (0.25 hr)
  • Lunch (1.0 hr)
  • Speaking presentation with frequent “stops” during which participants will be asked to review/improve their speaking product or in-process speaking work. Finding speaking opportunities and dealing with speaking fear will be addressed. (3.0 hr)
  • Breaks  (0.25 hr)
  • Wrap-up (0.25 hr)

On-site Support:  I ask that the sponsoring organization provide a room with tables arranged so that each group can sit together comfortably on three sides of the same table with the side facing the front being open. Also provide a projector that I can use with my computer and a large screen.
I will provide focused background material to be read by participants prior to the workshop so that they are prepared to participate. I will also provide handouts to be distributed at the workshop. You or I will need to provide an evaluation form for use at the end of the workshop.

Cost:  I suggest that we agree on a lump sum for preparation, conducting the workshop, and follow-up plus reimbursement for documented direct expenses such as travel, lodging, meals, and graphics/handouts. The lump sum fee would be determined based on your needs such as the length of the workshop, the extent of pre-workshop coordination, and the possible need for post-workshop support.

Note that this material can also be presented as one or two half-day workshops. For example, a half-day writing workshop in the near future possibly followed by a half-day speaking workshop. Of course, many other workshop configurations and topics are possible, depending on your needs. Just ask.

Closing Thoughts:  Please contact me if you have questions/suggestions/concerns or want to schedule this workshop, or a variation on it, or if you know of someone who may be interested in exploring application of this workshop in their organization. Feel free to share this proposal with anyone. Referrals to potentially interested business, government, manufacturing, and academic organizations will be appreciated.

Stuart G. Walesh, Ph.D., P.E., Dist.M.ASCE
Email: stuwalesh@comcast.net
Cell: 219-242-1704

My brief bio may be viewed at http://www.helpingyouengineeryourfuture.com/learn-more.htm.

Information about clients and ways I have helped them is at www.helpingyouengineeryourfuture.com/clients-served.htm.

Technical professionals are often hired for their technical skills, promoted for their management skills, and fired for lack of communication skills.

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